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Typical French Waiter!

Typical, bloody typical! When we ordered a small charcuterie and cheese plate, he failed to yip ‘Great choice’ at us, and when we ordered a couple of glasses of Pic St. Loup (Coteaux de Languedoc) he failed to chirp “Purrrrfect!” He then failed to interrupt our conversation thirty seconds later to ask “How are the first few bites, tasting?” His final failure was the absence of reaching in towards the end of the snack to ask, “Are you still working on that?”

Charcuterie and Wine Paris.JPG

For these failures, we thank him… also for stopping when I caught his eye and asked about the Cantal cheese, and for getting excited about this particular tranche, because, he explained, "It is the ‘Fermier’ Cantal: unpasteurised, local farm not mass produced, cows out all summer, fed only hay!"

Typical, bloody typical… Grâce au bon Dieu.

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